Project Backdrop

an internet safe space

Project Backdrop is essentially a video game music player. It recreates the visuals of where the song played and sometimes also brings in some of the functionality as well.

Another highlighted feature is the Checkpoint. A comment system where you can "record" your thoughts, like how a Checkpoint would record your progress in a game.

I whipped up the first beta version of Backdrop in 2019 after a stray YouTube video recommendation gave me a flash of inspiration. At the time I made it as a birthday gift for a friend, but I was encouraged to continue working on it.

The beta of Backdrop was made in .Net Core and featured 2 songs and an incredibly basic UI. There wasn't even a mute button at the time...
Backdrop has since seen many updates throughout the years in the form of song additions, UI improvements, and the eventual addition of the Checkpoint.

The current version of Backdrop is made with ReactJS. But who knows, maybe something new is on the horizon...

You can click here to visit Project Backdrop.

Check me out on GitHub...